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Our solid intake and selection process guarantees a strong and diverse community. We take in people with different experiences and backgrounds to generate a highly creative and productive learning environment.

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What the courses meant for our students

“In the time I spent at Elium Academy, Evan has proven to be an outstanding mentor, capable of providing the right guidance to any developer regardless of their understanding and experience level. He excels at understanding the needs of his students, tailoring his approach to the student and pointing them in the right direction as well as explaining complex programming concepts in easily understandable ways.”

“I originally signed up for individual mentoring with Evan, but eventually decided to join the fullstack course instead. I came to the fullstack program to become a developer and left with my own FinTech startup. Staying in Brussels with the Elewa staff and alumni community provided me with the support (and developer) I needed to get WA off the ground.”

“Elium has provided me with so many great opportunities. Through their network I was able to get a dev job right after graduation working for a Spanish start-up. Then I consulted with BNP Paribas for a while, but now I am back working closely with other Elium Alumni on a crypto-currency exchange platform.”

“This course is really for everyone. My cohort had everyone from complete beginners to me. Everyone learned what they needed to if they put in the work. Even when I already knew the libraries we were using, Evan always found a way for me to become a better developer with every project. But the mixed student backgrounds are what make it so great. I met my co-founder Nisha here, and we’re now working at Start It KBC right next to Elewa!”

“Elewa was one of my most valuable investments as it has given me a jumpstart to explore new areas in my career path as well as create new opportunities for me to gracefully transition into starting my own business.This program is good for individuals who are passionate about learning web development but do not know where to start from. You must be commited to put in the hours and the trainers are more than willing to support. ”

“Before joining Elewa I’d learned some web development in PHP, but that’s just not the same as Node.js. Being surrounded by motivated and helpful friends was just what I needed to make the transition. There were regular code alongs that gave us a chance to all build the same projects together, these and the 1-1 mentoring were just what I needed.”

“Elewa’s lessons and examples during the boot camp prepared me for my junior developer role. The program also prepared me for my future role by teaching me how read specs, write clean readable code and work with other developers. All the concepts I learned were applicable to most parts of programming. More importantly many of the things I learned in the first 6 weeks of the boot camp were the same task’s that my job requires me to do.”

“Teach and learn is the way to go. I’ve never gotten so good at anything as fast as I did while teaching programming at Elewa. I am now a software developer in Ghent and love it. The support at Elewa from the instructors and mentors is great. If you prepare well enough before you come and study as hard as you can, there’s no way you won’t walk out of Elewa prepared to keep learning. Can’t wait to see you all at Place Lux!”

“I was with Elium and Elewa since the beginning, and I’m still here. By now I’ve learned a little bit of everything (iOs, Node, Java, you name it), but I still like to come hang out in class . I’m now working on a neat crypto-currency project with a bunch of other alumni. Coding aside, I’ve made some very good friends at Elewa that I still see every week.”

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