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Full Stack Web Developer

Node.JS Open for applications!
Full Time
10 Weeks
New program every 4 months
Starting April & August 2018

Up your game at your convenience

Beginner and Intermediate Open for applications!
Project guidance
Open source curriculum
Developer-friendly code
Groups of 1 to 3
Flexible scheduling
Capped at 4 groups
Our curriculum is unique and powered by innovation. 21st century learning through 21st century design.


Based on Competency Based Education and our new framework called Knowledge Trees

Our Approach

Competency Based Education

Competency Based Education
You learn what the market requires. We make sure that our curriculum is in line with industry standards, by working from the inside out in collaboration with cutting edge industry.
Clear Objectives
Every lesson is structured according to the famous Golden Circle. We start with Purpose (Why), before reviewing Method (How) and finally the content.
Realtime Updates
Our curriculum is constantly updated so that it remains competitive in the ever-evolving world. We start from real life problems and learn the soft- and hard skills needed to thrive.

Meet our network of the best Startup & Corporate Partners. There for your smooth exit to the job market!

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Setting Your Goals

Learning to code is not an easy thing! The biggest favor you can do for yourself is to start your journey with purpose. This post will help you set out on the right path.

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Be in charge of the future and learn how to code in 3 months!



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THE SDGs(Sustainable Development Goals)

The Sustainable Development Goals
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Start Learning

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